StarPOINTS Merchants Questionnaire

Are you a merchant interested in participating in the StarPOINTS rewards program? Please fill in this Questionnaire. Your submission will be held in confidence by StarWORKS Global.

Contact Name

WA Number

Email Address

Business Legal Name

Doing Business as [DBA]

Type of Merchant


Does the merchant have multiple stores or outlets?

What is the average monthly turnover of Business?


Does the Business have a Point of Sale System [PoS]?

What is the name of the POS System?

Is POS System stand-alone or integrated with back office accounting systems?

Do you have a database system?

How many staff use the business's POS system?

Does the merchant require additional equipment or system modification to operate the StarPOINTS program?

If so, please create an equipment checklist to ensure the merchant can operate smoothly!

Does the merchant offer online sales?

Does the Business offer discounts or FOC transactions to its Customers? If Yes, what is the range?